Self Storage Industry is Dog’s Best Friend

Posted on Nov 28 2012 - 9:27pm by John Stevens

We’ve all heard the old saying about how dogs are man’s best friend. It’s something that most guys would agree with. Is there anyone that is as loyal as a man’s dog? Is there anyone that man can count on to look past whatever faults he has and love him anyway? Absolutely not, but it does raise one question. If dog is man’s best friend, then who is dog’s best friend?

In a way, man is dog’s best friend much like dog is his, but there is a more precise answer—dog’s best friend is the self storage industry.

Self storage facilities across the world get involved in community affairs and one of the more common recipients of that involvement is man’s best friend (and in many cases pets in general). Most communities have at least one animal shelter which more often than not relies on donations in order to remain open and take care of the animals in its charge.

Sometimes it is not very easy to do what needs to be done; help is necessary. In many cities that is where the self storage industry has stepped up to help out. 

For example, the New London Self Storage facility in New London, Connecticut, has donated a self storage unit  to the local animal control facility that has been in need of more help than normal after thanks to Hurricane Sandy . The hope is to collect supplies that the facility can use and fill it up.

“We’re just wanting to help out,” Helen Goldstein, one of the owners, said. “Whatever we get, we’ll gladly take and put in the unit for them. There’s plenty of room.”

There are many more events held at self storage facilities across the country geared towards lending man’s best friend (and other animals) a helping hand. Last June a Storage Mart facility in Columbia, Missouri, held a Doggie Wash and Adoption to benefit Columbia Second Chance.

The organization is tasked with helping pets find happy new homes.

“Organizations like Second Chance realize rescue dogs have so much love to give and work hard to place as many as they can into loving homes. We’re proud to have this opportunity to both assist them in the mission to adopt out rescue animals currently in their program as well as contributing to future rescue efforts,” said StorageMart Marketing Director Sarah Little.

Helen Goldstein of New London Self Storage summed up why she and likely any other self storage owner would get involved in helping animal shelters: 

“We feel bad for these guys,” she said. “They just sounded like they needed help.”

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