Self Storage Industry is College Friendly Whether You Are Student or a Graduate

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 11:20pm by Tony Gonzalez

There is a t-shirt that can often be found on college campuses everywhere that reads: College—the best 4-7 years of your life. With all that there is to do in college from partying hard to finding out what you want to do with your life and making life-long friends the t-shirt it would be easy to argue the shirt is true—and the self storage industry can make it better.

No matter what your college experience is like or how long it takes there is one thing that rings true for everyone—along the way you collect a lot of stuff. When it comes time to clear out of the dorms every summer it can be pretty challenging to take everything home.

The self storage industry knows this and that is why many facilities close to college campuses will run specials intended to lure college students in. After all, everything you bring home you are just going to bring right back so why not leave it a self storage facility?

Just as an added incentive to college students many like to hold contests to promote their facility. 

“Each year, we grow our college rental campaign with increasing success so we wanted to continue the fun and prizes,” said Todd Manganaro , ezStorage CEO. In their recent Click, Store, and Score sweepstakes ezStorage gave away three iPads. “Social media and mobile are positive ways we can connect with college students, offer great discounts and continue to be a leader in our digital world.”

Self storage can be even more helpful for college students when the graduate. After finally getting that long awaited degree many end up having to move home. Of course when they get there they discover that there is not a whole lot of free space for all the stuff they accumulated in college.

Why not use a self storage facility until you are able to get your own place and move out?

“We recognise the importance storage plays, especially when it’s something as momentous as returning home after studying for several years,” said Tom Ash, the general manager for UK self storage company Flexistore. “From having endless freedom to meeting curfews, it’s a strange and difficult transformation to make – but our aim is to make the moving home process as normal and simple as possible.”

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