Self Storage Industry is All About Service

Posted on Jun 4 2013 - 10:40pm by Tony Gonzalez

Have you ever had trouble telling twins a part? Now after you get to know them it isn’t as hard because you pick up their personality traits, quirks, and any of a number of things that helps differentiate one form the other.  You have to get past the appearance and get to the heart of each person. The same concept holds true when it comes to a product like self storage space.

People go to self storage facilities because they need space. Assuming that the type of units are the same (i.e. climate controlled, etc.) the product is essentially the same. So how do people decide which facility to take their business to?

Often times it’s the convenience of location, but barring that factor its service. People like to feel like they are valued. They want to know that their business is appreciated, but most of all they don’t want to have to work in order to be a tenant. 

Things need to be easy. If it is hard to pay your rent or access your account or even discover what amenities are available people will go to the other facility—the one that does come with all the bells and whistles that make being a customer easy.

LifeStorage Self Storage in Chicago understands this and recently added a  customer account portal to their website in order to allow customers to access their account online so they can pay their rent, view a bill, etc.

“We feel that our new Customer Account Portal will serve better and will be used a lot by our customers. It is easy to use and navigate which should entice the new customers to take advantage of this service,” said Stephen D. Sandecki, Internet Marketing Manager for LifeStorage.

Developing an online presence like LifeStorage is a way that many facilities have improved their customer service. Many have even developed a mobile version of their website in order to make it easier for people to find their website when they are on the go.

Secure Self Storage understands this which is why they recently redesigned their own mobile site. Steve Schwartz, who runs Secure Self Storage, had this to say:

“Future of search is on mobile and we weren’t happy with our mobile presence. We wanted to redesign our mobile site to give it app-like feel and at the same time make it easier for our customers to contact us…By investing more in to mobile technology and marketing, we are hoping to serve our customers well and take our business to the next level.”

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