Self Storage Industry Is All About Being User-Friendly

Posted on Jan 21 2013 - 9:11pm by Tony Gonzalez

How many times when you were growing up did you get a present that was supposed to be kid-friendly and age appropriate, but you had a hard time figuring out how to use it? Parents, how often have you bought a toy for your child (again, age appropriate) only to find that you had a hard time comprehending the instructions yourself? 

Most things—toys and otherwise—are often thought to be user-friendly by the manufacturer. After all, if users are not able to use whatever you make then they will stop buying, right? 

The self storage industry as a whole likes to do what it can in order to be user-friendly. No you may thing that we are just talking about a self storage unit; how can it not be user-friendly? The issue is not the product itself, but more in being able to shop for it and locate it.  That is where the design and functionality of each respective facility’s website comes in handy., a site that is actually geared towards making it easier for consumers to search for and locate a self storage facility that meets their needs announced that it had redesigned its site to be more “device” friendly. With users now accessing the internet through a variety of devices it is important that the site be something that can be viewed and function flawlessly regardless of the device in use.

“The redesign site was developed based on renters input and their desire to have it be easier to view on a multiple of devices. Making self storage inventory available in the market and easy to find and compare, is paramount,” says CEO, Victor Dante

For some users it is not the device in use that is the issue keeping the site from being user-friendly, but the language in use on it. There is an ever-growing population where English is not the first language, but Spanish is instead. That is why, a self storage aggregator decided that it needed to add a Spanish version of its mobile site.

“This is a first for a partner [which is] , which isn’t surprising as the team is constantly pushing this industry’s technology forward,” said Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations for “This will be a huge boost for the self-storage facilities participating in the Self Storage Network and provide those facilities with a real competitive advantage.”

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