Self Storage Industry is a College Student’s Best Friend

Posted on Apr 11 2014 - 11:02pm by John Stevens

Everyone needs someone they can feel like they should be able to count on. Batman had Robin; Tom had Jerry; Superman had Louis Lane—the list could go on and on. In the real world it helps to be able to count on someone as well; much like college students are able to count on the self storage industry.

How so?

As any one that is in college, has been to college, or has a child in college can tell you as a college career goes on the accumulation of stuff can be quite impressive. If you live in the dorms moving it home every summer can be a real challenge; one that if it can be avoided should.

Enter the self storage industry.

Moving is never fun, but not having to figure out how to get everything back home and where to put it can be a daunting task. So why not just avoid the hassle and just leave it all at a local self storage facility?

Facilities are aware of this and do what they can to appeal to students with special pricing and deals. For example, My Neighborhood Storage Center in Orlando, Florida, is offering students with a valid student ID any size unit for just $29 a month.

College kids are not always so easily swayed by good deals. My Neighborhood Storage Center is aware of this hence its IPod giveaway. The facility is giving away an IPod Nano 7th Generation. To have a chance to win it people just need to go to the facility’s Facebook page, like it, and fill out the entry form. 

Some companies like to try to help students stay in college by providing them with something every college kid needs more of—money (in the form of a scholarship).

StorageMart has been running a program a scholarship program for a number of years. Each semester the company awards five $1000 scholarships. To be eligible interested students need to write an essay on one of two questions:  “What link is there between a clutter-free workspace and increased productivity” or “How has self storage improved your lifestyle.”

Hawaii Self Storage has been administering a scholarship program as well, but theirs is different from StorageMart’s. It awards the scholarships to high school seniors that are graduating from a local area high school. Interested students have to fill out an application that includes an essay. Those that are chosen will receive a $4000 scholarship in the form of $1000 a year.

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