Self Storage Industry Has a Place in its Heart for the Military

Posted on Sep 27 2012 - 8:08pm by Kim Kilpatrick

In a perfect world people would make in salary a monetary equivalent to the social value of the work that they do. People that decide to go into the military and other forms of public service clearly do it for reasons other than monetary compensation which is just one of many reasons why people should take whatever opportunities they can to show their appreciation for those that risk their lives to protect the freedom of others.

Many within the self storage industry have been staunch supporters of the men and women in the military. It is not uncommon for self storage facilities to offer discounts to members of the military, and many will even have special giveaways specifically for those in the service. 

For example, at the start of the 2011 Major League Baseball season Big Box Self Storage in San Diego offered tickets to the San Diego Padres home opener which happened to be against the defending World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants.

There was no raffle involved and it didn’t cost recipients any money. All they had to do was come into the facility and pick them up.

It is also pretty common for facilities to engage in charity drives geared towards helping the families of members of the military. San Diego Self Storage has worked with Homefront San Diego, a local organization that helps military families get basic needs met, holding collection drives for various necessities.

“It came to our attention that there are an increasing number of military personnel who have been relocated to San Diego from active duty who have immediate needs that cannot be filled through traditional military channels —- it’s our goal to help fulfill those needs by providing easy access to drop off points throughout the county…” said Steven Teixeira, SDSS Director of Property Management.

Of course the men and women that are overseas can’t be forgotten. It has to be hard for them to be stationed so far away from their families for such long periods of time. That is why some self storage facilities have engaged in drives aimed to collect different things to send to active duty soldiers. 

San Diego Self Storage engaged in just such a drive earlier this month. From September 4-9 all 17 facilities in the company acted as drop off points for various things like cookies, hard candy, toothpaste, razors, magazines, and other odds and ends that members of the military could use while stationed overseas.

“SDSS is devoted to helping our troops that are in harms way far away from home. This collection drive exemplifies our commitment to the U.S. military that serve to protect and preserve freedom for our country and others in developing nations. We are honored to be engaged in activities that make their mission more tolerable.”

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