Self Storage Industry Exemplifies the American Spirit

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 12:19am by Kim Kilpatrick

On the Fourth of July people across the United States celebrate their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The same spirit that created thousands of spectacular fireworks displays is applied everyday by people in all walks of life. It’s how Americans live and it’s how the nation stays on the forefront of many things—including the self storage industry.

There are few businesses that are as good an example of the American spirit as the self storage industry is. Made up of mostly single to small business owners it is the perfect example of people providing others with a simple product—space– and making a living.

Not only do they provide people with much needed space, but they figure out how to take something that is essentially nothing and make it better.

For example, City Line Self Storage in Johnston, New York, is making plans to add 63 new units to their existing structure. They will not be any old units though, but climate controlled ones.

The new building would be just like the others in appearance with the difference coming in the units themselves. Of the 63, 30 will be heated units while the other 33 will be for cold storage.

“This building is quite different from the existing building we have,” Brian Hanaburgh, one of the co-owners, said. “It will be a nice addition to round out that piece of property there.”

Rather than be satisfied with the status quo the company is working on improving itself and becoming even better than it was before; a quality often found in people—not just businessmen—in the United States. Climate-controlled units are not something new in the self storage industry, but what’s important here is the company’ desire to improve.

However, in true American fashion, before they can do anything they have to get approval from the city first. They have already brought the plans to the city planning board and filed an application. A hearing has been set for August 6.

“This is something new – heating and air-conditioning and climate-controlled,” said board Chairman Peter K. Smith.

The American spirit is what drives many people to success. It helps them take what appears to be nothing or next to nothing and turn it into a desirable product—like Jeffrey Williams did in upstate New York recently when he gained approval to add 80 self storage units.

The site for them once was the location for some outdoor volleyball courts for a local bar.

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