Self Storage Industry Enjoys a Good Bike Ride

With the weather starting to become nicer across the country the desire to take a nice bike ride around the neighborhood or at the park can be a strong one. It is also the perfect time for people to move; the weather is no longer cold, but it isn’t too hot to make moving unbearable. The correlation between self storage and cycling doesn’t end there.

The obvious relationship is for a self storage unit to serve as the bike’s home for the winter months. When the temperature gets cold and ice and snow become the norm on the ground a bike just begins to take up space. What better way to get it out of the way then to store it in a self storage unit?

While that relationship is pretty basic it does get more involved between the self storage industry and cycling.

Self storage companies love to get involved with charities, and it is not uncommon to find charities to hold races in order to raise money for their cause. MyWay Mobile Self Storage recently married the two together by entering a team in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure event (in Howard County, Maryland).

The race took place on Saturday May 4, 2013 at the Gary J. Arthur Community Center with riders as young as 13 riding distances from 10 to 63 miles.

“The Tour de Cure is a cycling event that requires the movement and storage of many large event items in order to have things run properly and smoothly. MyWay Mobile Storage was the key to our transportation and storage success once again this year,” said Ali Tighe, American Diabetes Association Manager of Special Events and Fundraising.

MyWay Mobile Storage helped sponsor the race which as of May 9 had raised over $363,000.

SmartStop Self Storage likes a good bike ride as well. So much so that it sponsors a professional cycling team, the  Mountain Khakis Professional Cycling Team. 

“Professional cycling is a relatively underappreciated sport in America and TMK does a fantastic job of giving young riders the experience and the resources they need to pursue their dreams,” said H. Michael Schwartz, chairman and CEO of the parent company of SmartShop Self Storage.

Like with the charity race, sponsoring the professional team gives the self storage facility exactly what it wants—exposure. All from riding a bike!

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