Self Storage Industry Doesn’t Adhere to 50 Cent’s Style of Publicity

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 11:22pm by Holly Robinson

It is not unusual for actors and musicians (but not the self storage industry) to look at all publicity—good or bad—as something worthwhile. Take Rapper 50 Cent as an example. Recently he threw out one of the worst first pitches ever seen. In the days since clips of him throwing good pitches have surfaced and he has made a litany of ridiculous and even crude excuses as to why he messed up.

He looks and sounds ridiculous so media outlets keep him in the public eye, and in the process his name is going to be fresh in the minds of people when his new album gets released.

Is it right? Maybe if you have no shame, but businesses like the self storage industry do. Bad publicity is not conducive to business operations at all.

That’s why many self storage companies join forces with websites—or self storage aggregators–like What the site does is allow information on companies to be found by potential tenants and also gives them the option of reserving a unit online. 

“We have—and will continue to see—an increase in the number of consumers wanting the ability to reserve a unit online any time of the day when it’s convenient for them….” said Bill Hipsher of B² Interactive, the company that operates

Recently Safeguard Self Storage decided to join in order to help connect people with its 65 facilities in six different states.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it easy for individuals and business people using the Internet to search for self storage to find our amenity-packed stores,” said Kurt Kleindienst, Vice President of Operational Initiatives at Safeguard Self Storage.

With the ease of being able to reserve a self storage unit online as a main selling point partnered up with DOMICO, a company that makes management and accounting software for the self storage industry. By working with DOMICO’s software the reservation process is expected to be seamless for the customer and the facility.

“We’re very happy to have an agreement with a leader in the self storage software business,” said Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing at “…Customers can feel confident that they’re finding current information on a facility when searching on the Internet, and operators can focus more attention on their facilities and less on paperwork.”

And who doesn’t like less paperwork?

There is no need to do something ridiculous for publicity. You just need to be good at your job.


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