Self Storage Industry Could Soon See Largest Auction to Date Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan

Posted on Dec 13 2012 - 9:10pm by Kim Kilpatrick

When the idea was first formulated to do a reality show based off of self storage auctions producers could not have imagined how quickly the show (and self storage auctions) has become a part of American pop culture. Thanks to the possibility of one particular unit being auctioned off self storage auctions are going to be much more than just a part of pop culture.

If a certain troubled young starlet does not pay an outstanding bill of approximately $16,000 for her self storage unit, the unit and everything in side will be auctioned off to the highest bidder pretty soon. 

That ‘young starlet’ is none other than former Parent Trap star and Mean Girl having something worse than a Freaky Friday—Lindsay Lohan.

You would think that since she just made a movie, Liz and Dick (about the life and relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton), that she would be able to pay some bills, but apparently Lohan’s money woes reach a lot farther than her storage unit.

Her bank accounts have recently been frozen by the IRS for failure to pay a tax bill of more than $233,000. Charlie Sheen has kicked in $100,000 to help with that, but there has been no word on whether she’ll be able to cover the remainder. 

There are rumors that she may need the roof over her head that L.A. County might provide for her after her probation was recently revoked. She’s behind on the rent for her Beverly Hills mansion ($8000 a month).

Should her unit go to auction it will undoubtedly go for a record price and have a record number of bidders in attendance. Although the exact contents of the unit are not currently known it’s being said that it is full of designer clothes and family heirlooms along with things that she certainly doesn’t want made public.

One can only imagine at this time that the crew from Storage Wars will be in attendance including the recently fired Dave Hester. It would be an interesting twist to see Auction Hunters in attendance and possibly the Storage Wars: Texas crew in order to increase the Hollywood factor for the auction.

Lohan hasn’t lost her unit just yet. She still has some time to raise the money needed to get her unit and her belongings out of danger. If she doesn’t get it paid off by time the auction is held later this month though whatever is inside will belong to the highest bidder.

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