Self Storage Industry at Home on Television

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 9:13pm by Winnie Hsiu

The creation and ensuing popularity of reality television has made many people in Hollywood wonder what can work and what will not work as entertainment on television. It goes without saying that reality shows are less expensive to produce, but if you don’t have something that will grasp the attention of viewers that will not matter. A failed show no matter how expensive or cheap is still money lost.

When the self storage industry became the subject of reality television it had many wondering why in the world would executives waste money putting something on television that could not possibly be interesting. Think about it—it’s about the space people rent to store stuff in.

Little did the world know just how addictive a show based on the self storage industry could be!

People like unique personalities and the chance that someone could find a valuable needle in a haystack. Bidding on self storage units at auction definitely qualifies as the latter. When A&E added in the former they had the makings of the now hit show Storage Wars, a show that focuses on a group of buyers that compete for self storage units whose owners could not pay their bills and are now being put up for auction.

For a television show, you know you must be doing something right when another television show emulates you or does a story on you. That was the case recently for Storage Wars when TMZ ran a story on who the mystery bidder—who happens to be Nabila Haniss– was that purchased former reality show personality Tila Tequila.

What exactly is in the unit has not been made public yet Haniss has been talking with several different media outlets about doing a sort of look inside the life of a celebrity through her storage locker kind of show.

“Much like the Paris Hilton storage unit, the Tequila unit is getting a lot of attention from the public. There is a certain fascination the public has with getting an unfettered, unfiltered look into the personal life of a celebrity.” Storage Treasures CEO Lance Watkins continued.

While the self storage industry itself has been able to provide subject matter for television it has also tried to make sure that there are appropriate options for kids and families as well.  One self storage facility, A-1 Self Storage in California, has made a donation to the Eternal World Television Network, a radio, internet, and television, and publishing organization that focuses on positive, wholesome subject matter safe for all ages.

“Eternal World Television Network is a great network that entire families can enjoy; there’s something for everyone.” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage. “We at A-1 Self Storage are pleased to provide support to EWTN for its child and family friendly programs.”

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