Self Storage Industry Appreciates the Arts

Posted on Jul 25 2012 - 9:11pm by Winnie Hsiu

If a man paints with his brains and not his hands like Michelangelo once said then it could be said that a well-run self storage facility is a work of art. Most people would probably not agree with that (with the exception of the owner of said facility), but that hasn’t stopped many members of the self storage industry from supporting the Fine Arts.

Hedy Lamarr once compared art to being like a good friend; something that is there for you, keeps you company, and comforts you in a time of need. Often times it is art that needs to be comforted. Many organizations involved in appreciating and promoting art are non-for-profits that are always looking for donations. Without them, many organizations would be forced to shut down.

The good people at Dollar Self Storage in Corona, California, recently decided that they wanted to support the arts. To do so they got involved with Charity Storage, an organization that works with self storage facilities to raise money for charity through self storage auctions. 

One unit filled with donated items is slated for auction. When it is sold that money all goes to charity, 60 percent to the charity of the host facility’s choosing, 30 percent to Kure It Cancer Research, and 10 percent to the Self Storage Foundation Scholarship program. 

“The auction was a hit,” said Maria Smith, Manager of the Dollar Self Storage facility in Corona. “Several bidders were eager to win this unit because of the nice items that had been donated by our tenants, customers, friends and business partners. We would like to thank everyone who donated items and we look forward to our next auction! We are delighted to be involved with Charity Storage and believe that this is just the beginning of good things to come!”

The people at Dollar Self Storage decided to donate their share of the $700 sale to The Young Americans, a nationwide non-for-profit performing arts and education company. The Young Americans were founded back in 1962, and is responsible for the creating the glee clubs and show choirs concepts.

Donating to the fine arts is the most common way that self storage companies get involved, but it is not the only way. Last month the Guardian Self Storage Post in Pittsburgh held an art show, Factory Direct: Pittsburgh. 

Starting June 24 and ending on September 9, the work of 14 artists will be on display. These will not be just any artists though; each one will be living and working at a local factory. When the work day is done they take to their canvas, using the day’s labor as inspiration.

Whether it is through donations or displays, the self storage industry supports the arts!

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