Self Storage Industry Active on the African Continent

Posted on May 27 2011 - 10:08pm by John Stevens

If there is one thing that people the world all have in common is it is that they all have stuff. Sometimes it is not much stuff. Often it is just enough stuff. Many times it is too much stuff for their current living arrangements and they need help. That is where the self storage industry, a business focused on giving you space for all your stuff for a price, comes in hand.

The self storage industry is one that is fairly universal; there are only so many ways in which you can alter the concept. True to form, it is also one that acts relatively the same no matter who is running it or whether it is in the United States, the UK, Canada, or the African continent.

Growth has been the name of the game in the self storage industry in the United States recently with numerous REITs viewing self storage as a dependable investment. The industry has seen some growth in South Africa as well with about 200 existing facilities and more on the way. Stor-Age Self Storage, a company based in Cape Town, South Africa, has been given the green light to go ahead with a new 800 unit facility.

“The new Stor-Age Table View is being developed in an outstanding location. A large part of our success to date can be attributed to our commitment to only acquire and develop properties which demonstrate exceptionally strong market fundamentals,” said Steven Horton, development director.

In the United States, the self storage industry is known for having a big heart and getting involved in numerous charities on a national, regional, and local level. Sometimes they even get involved in some on an international level.

For example, A-1 Self Storage in California has pledged to support Water for Sudan – Drilling Wells, Transforming Lives, a charity in the Southern region of the Sudan that helps provide people with clean water that normally do not have access to it.

It’s a fact. A community with clean water also hosts good health, followed by education and economic development. Water for Sudan tackles the first vital part of the equation.” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage. “To date, they have drilled 88 wells and changed the quality of life for thousands of Southern Sudanese. We are honored to support such efforts.”

Stor-Age Self Storage is no stranger to conducting charitable efforts either. The company finished up a charity drive in January 2011 they did in conjunction with a group called Round Table Cape Town 9. Together they collected items which were later distributed to Dementia SA’s Zonnekus Old Age home and Al-Noor Orphanage Centre along with several other organizations.

Cultures, habits, beliefs, and so much more can be different around the world, but in the end there is one thing that you can count on—your friendly, neighborhood self storage facility.

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