Self Storage Hits a Hole-in-One

Posted on Aug 18 2011 - 4:39pm by Tony Gonzalez

There are certain things that are common in self storage units. You can probably bet that most will have at least one piece of furniture. A lot will probably have at least one box of high school mementos that the owner can’t bear to throw away. If the owner is a dad with toddlers, his golf clubs are probably in their too.

Another common occurrence is the frequency in which self storage facilities are involved in various charities in and around their respective communities. A popular method of involvement gives tenants a good reason to take those golf clubs out of storage (at least for a weekend).

A number of self storage facilities like to sponsor charity golf tournaments. San Diego Self Storage is sponsoring one such tournament set to play at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course on September 21. It is the Seventh Annual Nativity Prep Academy Golf Classic, which tries to raise money to help at-risk youth at the school.

“We understand that our sponsorship helps generate proceeds that cover approximately 25 percent of the school’s annual operational budget, therefore making a significant impact on helping the school and the 180 youth it serves to fulfill its mission of sending all of its inner-city children to college,” said SDSS Managing Member Tony Carr.

San Diego Self Storage recently sponsored another golf tournament, the 29th Annual United Cerebral Palsy San Diego Golf Classic.

“We are tremendously honored to be an event sponsor. We salute the work UCP conducts on behalf of the San Diego communities we serve and are particularly impressed with the high percentage of proceeds donated that remains within the county,” said managing member J. Terry Aston.

A-1 Self Storage
, another self storage company in the San Diego area, sponsored the last edition of a local charity golf tournament as well. The tournament itself started as a bunch of folks just getting together to play some golf, but has since turned into an annual endeavor that often raises over $10,000 to benefit local charities.

Funds are donated to a non-for-profit called Jackalope Inc, which was set up to disperse the funds collected through the golf tournament to charities in the community.

“A-1 Self Storage is proud to support Jackalope, Inc….” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage. “We believe it is important to support organizations that promote the betterment of self and promote healthy living.”

Enjoy a day on the course and help out people in need; sounds like a great reason to take your clubs out of your self storage unit!

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