Self Storage Helping Brits Party

Posted on Mar 30 2012 - 5:57pm by John Stevens

How many of us have ever thought about how nice it would be to go out with friends at the end of the week to blow off some steam at the local hang out? Now how many of us lately have stayed home rather than go out at the end of the week because it costs too much to go out nowadays?

With the economy having issues pretty much everywhere you go more and more people have had to cut back on incidental expenses like going out so that they can ensure that more important expenses are covered. However, it is well-known that all work and no play make anyone a dull boy/girl.

After working hard all week trying to make ends meet, people need to relax. In the UK at least, more and more people are taking to staying home and entertaining rather than going out. It can be done much cheaper and you’ll still be hanging out with friends; sounds like a win-win right?

There has been one issue that many people in the UK have had to deal with as they began to entertain at home more often—space. They don’t quite have enough of it. That is where many people have started to discover what a benefit self storage can be.

“…De-cluttering by moving unnecessary items into storage can free up valuable living space. Many of us keep items in our homes which we don’t need every day, but don’t want to get rid of. Self storage is the perfect way to house these items, creating more living space and making UK homes more comfortable,” said Paul Glenister of Easistore, a self storage specialist in the UK.

With newer living spaces averaging around eight square meters smaller, space for many people is hard to come by many homes, especially if they own a lot of stuff.

According to a survey conducted by Easistore, most people would use extra space for entertaining guests, but in different ways. Almost half of the women that responded (44 percent) said they would use extra space for seating while about 25 percent of the men said they would want some kind of entertainment center.

Many self storage units in the UK have already been seeing a surge in business related to entertaining, but of a different variety. With the 2012 London Olympics fast approaching many people are offering lodging at their homes to visitors as an alternative to the high prices that many hotels are charging.

“We have definitely seen a significant rise in inquiries for short lets of smaller self storage rooms for next June, particularly in the stores closest to the key Olympics sites and with good transport links to London’s top attractions,” said Anthony Cheney from Big Yellow Self Storage.

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  1. Cube Storage September 16, 2014 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    With homes getting smaller, space becomes even more of an issue, especially in British homes that are pretty small to begin with. Over the years its really easy to accumulate ‘stuff’ and the spare room quickly becomes the junk room once you run out of room in the garage and shed! Great article!