Self Storage Facility to Look Like No Other

Posted on Apr 19 2013 - 9:04pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Henry David Thoreau once said that the world is but a canvas to our imagination. What he is referring to is the ability for people to do whatever they want to do in life; that if they can imagine it they can do it. One self storage company recently had a vision of something they wanted to do. Through a little creative use of their (and other’s) imagination they got it done.

Like many self storage companies, Storage Village in Bethesda, Maryland, likes to do what they can to help the community. There are many in the community that could use a little help now and then, but if someone—Storage Village or anyone for that matter—don’t step up then they have no choice but to do without.

The facility wanted to honor those that do work to help the community as well as continue its mission to help the community as well. So to do so they hosted an event, the Village Illuminated Art Contest. 

Local artists were brought in to creative a vision on a rather unique canvas—the door of a self storage unit. The only caveat they had to keep in mind was that the end result needed to have community service as its theme.

“By supporting art within the community, individuals are encouraged to think creatively and share their ideas.” – JoAnna Goldberg, Director of Marketing, Storage Village Self Storage.

The idea was not just to honor community service, but to continue partaking in it. People that attended the event were asked to bring three canned goods. When all was said and done Storage Village succeeded in collecting over 35 pounds of food for a local charity.

This is not the first time that a self storage facility has been the canvas for an artist to express his/her vision on. In Boston at Planet Self Storage the building that houses the facility depicts a large underwater scene featuring whales.

In Hawaii Lahaina Self Storage has had an underwater ocean scene on the side of their facility for some time. It had been up long enough that a local contractor felt like it needed to be touched up and asked the facility if he could do it. Once he had the okay he got a local classroom involved with the project as well:

“It was really neat to see students from all grades working together on one project and watch the whole mural evolve and come together. It was also such a great opportunity for students to work with a local artist, contribute back to the community, learn valuable art lessons and techniques and be able to literally leave their own mark behind,” said Kristen Payne, the art teacher at Maui Prep. 

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