Self Storage Facility to be the Star in a New Movie

Posted on May 22 2012 - 8:39pm by John Stevens

For years the self storage industry has been the Steve Buscemi of locations for many movies and television shows. They are everywhere, but seldom play a key role in the production in question. That is all going to change in a new movie set to begin filming this July aptly titled Self Storage.

A self storage unit has been a part of hundreds of television shows and movies in the past. Need a place to hide a terrorist cell? Have a few hundred guns you want to store for the coming apocalypse? Need to hide something that you don’t want anyone to find (i.e. drugs, dead bodies, heads in jars, etc.)? Hollywood has always turned to the trusty old self storage unit.

In the film titled Self Storage to be shot by Chad A. Verdi’s Woodhaven Production Company a self storage unit is the setting for the film. A young security guard named Jake wants to hang out with his buddies who are home from college so he figures what better place than the self storage facility he works at. 

Good intentions go horribly wrong in this horror film (or it wouldn’t be a much of a movie, right?). Sure enough the security fence that is meant to keep people out of the facility at night ends up keeping these guys from escaping.

Now it might seem on the face of things that it would be bad for the self storage industry to be involved in projects like this were bad things happen to people. The reality of the situation is that while the movie is about chaos and mayhem, it wouldn’t happen were it not for one of the virtues that every good self storage facility is known for—a good, quality security fence.

True, in the movie it is keeping them in when they are trying to get out, but since the fence is such an insurmountable object it can be deduced that it would be just as effective keeping people out as well.

While this film is going to be the latest to feature a self storage facility in a prominent role there have been plenty over the years. In a 2002 movie also called Self Storage, Rainn Wilson plays a man who gets talked into cleaning out the garage and putting everything in a self storage unit. Little does he know that the buddy helping him is also having an affair with his wife (who is leaving him when he finishes with the garage). 

Eventually Rainn’s character finds out. At that point the plot thickens, but it couldn’t if it wasn’t for the same stellar security that keeps bad guys out keeping these guys in.

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