Self Storage Facility Coming to the Aid of Fallen Skydiver

There comes a time where we all know someone that needs our help; or sometimes we could even be that person. During those times it can be nice to know that you are not alone; that someone out there cares and not necessarily because you are friends, but simply because caring for those in your community is the right thing to do.

For many in the self storage industry being involved in the community is how they do business. Self Storage Solutions in Joshua, Texas, is a great example of that concept in practice.

Coming up on March 29 the facility will be hosting an auction to in order to help raise money for the family of Makenzie Wethington, a local high school student that suffered serious injury in a skydiving accident.

“She doesn’t have health insurance,” facility manager Joseph Sidawi said. “She’s had it hard, and we want to help her every bit we can. She’s received a lot of criticism, but the only thing that matters is that this girl is alive and well. She needs her community to stand behind her.”

According to Sidawi enough donations have been collected to fill one 10-foot by 15-foot unit and hopes to fill another. He says the hope is to raise at least $700 to help the Wethington’s with medical bills.

“…We have a really good community here in Joshua. Everyone sticks together.”

The facility is also raffling off a .22-caliber Henry rifle. So far $1300 has been raised and the winner is not going to be drawn until June 14. Should they end up raising $1500 the Masonic Charity Foundation has pledged to double it.

They are of course not the only self storage facility that reaches out to the public in a time of need. For example, when the explosions destroyed a pair of apartment building in East Harlem a local self storage facility sprang in to action so they could help.

“All New Yorkers will feel for the victims and survivors of this tragedy,” said Stacy Stuart, an Executive Vice President at Edison Properties, the parent company of Manhattan Mini Storage. “But it hits us even closer to home, because our East 110th Street location is just a few blocks away, so these people are our neighbors. We’re going to do anything we can to do help them during this crisis.”

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