Self Storage Facilities Doing their Part for Mother Earth

Posted on Mar 28 2012 - 1:13pm by John Stevens

Ever since the world became concerned about aerosol cans damaging the ozone, people from all walks of life—business and private– have been trying to do their part to help heal Mother Earth (or at least keep from damaging her any further). There are many ways in which a person or company can do so; on Saturday a self storage facility in Canada will be taking part in one.

A facility called iStor Self Storage in Mississauga, Ontario, will be taking part in Earth Hour. For one hour on Saturday, March 31 (from 8:30-9:30 PM), all those who are participating will be turning their lights off for one hour.

“Earth Hour is one of those things that make people realize that we are all sharing the world.” says Kelly Byrde, the manager of the iStor facility in Mississauga. “If nothing else, by taking part in earth hour, at least you will save some money on your electricity bill”

The demonstration is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It started back in 2007 as a means for the people of Sydney to raise awareness for the need to be kinder to the Earth and draw attention to some of the destructive habits we all partake in. That year about 2.2 million people participated. Since then the demonstration has grown to include millions of people in over 135 countries around the world

“The Earth gives us everything from our homes to the clothing on our backs. The least that we could do for her is give her an hour of no lights.”

This would not be the first time that a self storage facility in Ontario has been involved in doing something for the environment. In 2010, Federal Self Storage was recognized by the Welland-Pelham Chamber of Commerce by awarding it the Eco Action Award of Excellence for all the work it does towards reducing the carbon foot print it leaves by using radiant heat and motion-activated lighting to increase energy efficiency.

Another Canadian self storage facility has made headlines for its efforts to use and provide others with solar power StorageMart in Toronto began a process last year of installing over 640,000 square feet of solar collectors on roofs. What energy that they do not use themselves they will be able to sell back to the Ontario Power Authority.

Mike Strait, the chief operating officer for JCM Capital of whom StorageMart worked with in regards to its solar initiative, put the logic behind getting involved in the program seem pretty clear:

“… [it] helps landowners and roof-top owners do something great for the environment on roof space that would have been otherwise unused.”

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