Self Storage Directory Provider, Storitz, Uses Julia Roberts Film and Social Media for Marketing Campaign

Posted on Nov 26 2010 - 4:04pm by John Stevens

Self storage has gone Hollywood thanks to Julia Roberts and a not-to-be-overlooked scene in her movie “Eat Pray Love” in which her character packs away her belongings into storage and heads out on an epic adventure across the globe. Storitz, Inc. an online self storage directory is mimicking the movie’s self storage scene in a tongue-in-cheek way by launching a humorous online marketing video called “Eat Pray Store” in which self storage becomes the main focus of an actress’s attention as she embarks on a journey.

The purpose of the video is to kick off a contest and use a social-media driven, marketing campaign in which consumers post stories about their own traveling adventures on the Storitz Facebook page and on Twitter using the hash tag #EatPrayStore. The video can be viewed at and the Storitz YouTube channel (  The video shows an actress parodying Roberts, who in the movie travels to several distant and exotic destinations across the world. Then, the video shows Mr. Storitz reminding the actress that before she can leave her current existence behind, finding storage for her belongings should be a priority.

Consumers have until Dec. 31, 2010, to post their traveling stories. One winner will be selected to receive a Flip Video camera to use on their next traveling adventure. “Eat Pray Love” is being released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on Blu-Ray and DVD this week. So the timing of the contest was well conceived.  Self storage owners and managers see a strong connection between people heading out on a grand adventure and needing storage before their travels. Storitz found the connection between the movie and the storage industry to be one that should be highlighted and in a fun way. Bringing in the social media aspect gave the marketing campaign a big boost.

“Storitz has made a commitment to provide a rich comparison on-shopping experience for storage consumers, and at the same time create an effective Internet-marketing channel for self-storage property owners and operators,” said Storitz CEO Adrian Comstock in a press release. “Through viral campaigns such as ‘Eat Pray Store,’ we are able to engage consumers and further drive awareness of our site while at the same time bringing fun into the self-storage industry … We wanted to encourage people to live out their own grand adventures and remind them that we are the go-to place for self-storage.”

Managers and owners of storage facilities are quickly appreciating the connection between the themes of adventure and travel in the Julia Roberts movie and the need to first find a solution for storage. Mark Beck, Operations Manager of StorQuest Self Storage, which is a company with 46 facilities in four states, said in a release, “Within our facilities, we have quite a number of people who anecdotally tell us about their storage rental needs. I would estimate that every day our facilities rent units to customers who are gearing up for a great life experience such as an extended trip to another part of the world. We’re here to make the transition as seamless as possible for them.”

As an online directory and comparison tool for the industry, currently rents units for thousands of storage facilities.  The company is showing rapid growth with double-digit percentage increases in consumer visitors to its site every month.

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