Self Storage Company Working to Keep People Warm This Winter

Posted on Nov 26 2012 - 9:22pm by Winnie Hsiu

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone there is one thing that is probably pretty safe to say about the entire country—it’s cold. Air conditioners are being turned off, shorts are being put away for the winter, and sandals are headed to the back of the closet. It’s time for heaters, long sleeves, coats, and warm fuzzy socks; whatever it takes to stay warm and toasty while it’s cold and frosty outside.

When most of us get ready to leave the house in the morning we’ll be able to pull on a nice, warm coat. After dressing for the weather we will not feel the chill of the cold air. However, in communities all over the country there are many that are not able to dress for the weather because they can’t afford the clothes or a decent coat.

That is where many members of the self storage industry have been kind enough to step up and help out. For example, Storage Village, a self storage company with facilities in the Bethesda, Maryland/Virginia area, has made it a regular practice at its facilities to engage in a coat drive leading up to every winter. 

The company recently announced that its collection efforts this were not just a success, but a record-breaking success. This year they donated 104 coats, 19 sweaters, a pair of blankets, and more than 107 pounds of clothing to the various non-for-profit partners that the different facilities work with.

“Storage Village is grateful to work with our community to help keep our neighbors in need warm this winter,” L. Goldberg, President, Storage Village Self Storage.

Giving back to the community has been a regular part of doing business for Storage Village for some time. Emplyees donate at least eight hours a month to the charity of their choice. Individual facilities work with local charities practically year round in order to help them get their needs met.

Storage Village is not the only company that has worked to help put coats on those in need as the weather gets colder. The Storage Post facilities in New Jersey are once again helping out with the Jerse Cares Annual Coat Drive. 

“This year, more than ever, we need to spread the warmth to the people of New Jersey. Storm Sandy has left people without homes, without electricity and in dire need of assistance. As a member of the community, Storage Post urges everyone to donate coats to Jersey Cares,” said Chief Operating Officer Jack Chaney. “These coats can make all the difference for New Jersey families and individuals during the winter weather.”

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