Self Storage Company Wants Your Old Electronics

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 8:33pm by John Stevens

Technology is great. Lost? Check MapQuest on your cellphone for directions to wherever you need to go. Travel a lot? Do you like to watch movies on your IPad to help pass the time? What about your laptop? Do you still have an old desk top monitor or have you upgraded to a new flat screen?

It almost seems as if the second you buy something and figure out how to work it that a newer, better model has come out. The kinks in your model are gone and all the little things you wish yours had this one has. You have to have it!

When you do get it what happens to your old monitor? For that matter, what about your old phone, laptop, printer, or fax machine? You throw them away, but depending on where you live you can’t just throw them away anywhere. It is illegal to throw them away with your regular trash in California.

What? It’s Illegal? Yes, because most electronics contain some kind of toxic or hazardous material that could be a threat to the environment and possibly a public health risk, i.e. heavy metals that get into the underground water supply through the soil.

That is why there are initiatives like Recycle San Diego, a community resource that offers the latest in electronic waste, or e-waste, recycling. They recently announce that Eastlake Self Storage in Chula Vista would be working with the organization to help collect e-waste by acting as a drop off location.

“This new partnership between our two organizations offers a logical and practical solution to the problem of limited local access to electronics recycling facilities…Our goal is to expand the scale and scope of this effort and ultimately create easily accessible eWaste drop-off centers throughout San Diego County, providing environmentally-conscience consumers easier accessibility to collection facilities in their own neighborhoods.”

Self storage companies in California have been helping collect e-waste for a few years, but the initiative has started to take hold in other states as well. Last September Easy Self Storage in Sherman, Texas, announced that it was going to become a drop off location for Greenspot Dropoff, another organization that collects and disposes of e-waste.

“We want to help clean up our environment, it’s also a service for our tenants and people in our community. Everyone has old TVs and electronics that they just don’t know what to do with, so we’re making it easy for them” said Sherry Cavanaugh of Easy Self Storage.

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