Self Storage Company Wants You to Enjoy a Good Book and a Ball Game

Posted on May 24 2013 - 5:28pm by Holly Robinson

Whenever we are able to join two things together—you know, kill two birds with one stone—it is typically a good thing. It can never hurt to get two things done when you would normally get just one. The concept does take some coordination and effort, but all good things do, right?  Ask members of the self storage industry and most will likely answer ’yes.’

StorageMart, a self storage company with over 130 facilities spread out across the United States and Canada, understands this concept and put it into practice with a recent contest/give-a-way.

Not too long ago StorageMart posted a question to its Facebook page for people to answer; one that could generate some controversy and conversation— which team has the best fans, the Chicago White Sox or the Chicago Bulls.

They did get an answer to the question, but it was far from definitive. Of the votes cast 51 percent were for the Cubbies and 49 percent for the White Sox. As a reward to the fans that voted for the winning side StorageMart gave away a pair of tickets to  the White Sox/Cubs game on Memorial Day.

Those were not the only tickets the company gave away going into Memorial Day weekend. The facility in Kansas City gave away a parking pass and four tickets to go to the Royals/Angels game on Sunday. To be eligible all people had to do was get registered for the contest and then retweet the company’s free ticket offer.

The company plans on giving away even more baseball tickets throughout the summer.

Along with sending you to a ball game, StorageMart wants to help people engage in another popular pastime—reading.  To do so, rather than hold a separate drive or function to raise money they had those interested in registering for the Cubs/White Sox tickets donate a dollar a dollar to go towards Open Books, a non-for-profit book store in Chicago.

Open Books operates a book store and works to promote literacy for all ages through its literacy programs. When all was said and done the Cubs and White Sox fans combined to donate $464.

So along with storing your odds and ends and anything else you need a little extra space for Storage Mart—along with many of the other 50,000+ self storage facilities in the United States—can help you enjoy a good ball game and even a good book!

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