Self Storage Company Wants to Put Information at Your Fingertips

Posted on May 12 2014 - 11:29pm by Winnie Hsiu

Do you need to keep your kids occupied in the waiting room at the doctor’s office? How about organizing your pictures? Or managing your DVR recordings? Paying bills? Keeping up with the latest and greatest news from your community and around the world? Well—there’s an app for that.

Smart phone applications allow us to do so much with relative ease just by using a simple program in the palm of your hand. The information that can be available to people now is absolutely amazing. There is little that can’t be done with an app—you can even find a self storage facility and manage your account after you do (with some companies).

People can now easily find a self storage unit by going online and using one of the many self storage aggregator sites, but if you know the company you want to work with some of them have smart phone apps of their own.

The Lock Up Self Storage is one of the latest to create its own app for users and will be rolling it out for iPhones and Androids this month. Through it the company aims to help people keep all the relevant information they may need in connection with their self storage easily accessible via the app.

“We realize that nowadays, people are required to remember innumerable codes and passwords,” says Andrea Carnes, Vice President of Operations for The Lock Up Self Storage. “So, to help our customers, we had an app created that centralized all of the important aspects of their Lock Up Self Storage information….”

With the hope of making self storage even more accessible to users the app will be available free of charge.

The Lock Up Self Storage is not the first company to create a smart phone app  and wil likely not be the last. Back in 2011 ezStorage developed and released theirs to the public.

“This new tool extends our commitment to providing the best self storage experience in the industry to the growing demographic of mobile consumers. “We continually look for new and innovative ways to enhance our customers’ experience whether they are at one of our facilities, at our website, on Facebook or Twitter or now, mobile based.”

SmartStop Self Storage created one in 2012 that can be used even if you don’t have a self storage unit with them. It’s called the SmartTracker Inventory List. Users can manage their account with SmartStop through it, but they can also crate barcodes for their boxes. That way when they want to see what’s in a certain box all they need to do is scan the bar code (because they will have entered the information when the bar code was created.


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