Self Storage Company Wants to Help Wounded Warriors Go Fishing

Posted on Mar 21 2014 - 11:57pm by John Stevens

If there is one population that deserves all the respect in the world it is the men and women of the Armed Forces. For a ridiculously low wage they put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and to try and give others the chance to experience those very same freedoms. The least we can do it make sure that when they come home they are show the appropriate level of appreciation; something the self storage industry has excelled at for years.

It is not uncommon for self storage facilities to offer discounts for veterans, and while anything that is done for veterans is great the ones that come home wounded often need more than just cheaper self storage. 

Too often wounded veterans find that they can longer do some of their favorite thing because of an injury they suffered in combat. There are organizations that exist to help them enjoy some of these things, but like any non-for-profit what they can do is often predicated by the donations they receive.

Recently Champion Self Storage in Cape Coral, Florida, made a donation of $540 to Wounded Warrior Anglers, proceeds from a community yard sale they held in late February.

“Every year we have a community yard sale here on the property,” property manager Lindy Lord-Cooper said. “This year the yard sale was on Feb. 22. Anybody that has items to sell we offer a 10 x 10-foot spot for $15 and all of that $15 is donated to a local organization. This year the organization we chose is Wounded Warrior Anglers.”

Wounded Warrior Anglers (WWA) is an organization that takes wounded veterans that can’t or would have an extremely hard time doing so on their own on fishing trips with other wounded veterans. They don’t stop there though! WWA also offers caregivers a chance to rest and relax while their veteran is on a fishing trip by sending them to the spa.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors is another organization that likes to help veterans enjoy the great outdoors like they used to before they were wounded. Its founder, Ron Raboud, is the CEO of the Rabco Corporation, a company that makes pre-engineered metal buildings for the self storage industry. 

“My motivation to found and pursue this organization is two-fold. I want to honor our wounded military veterans as well as the memories of my parents. My dad was a wounded World War II veteran. I can’t think of a more fitting way to honor them both,” Raboud says.

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