Self Storage Company Wants to Help People When They Need It Most

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 11:48pm by John Stevens

People go in to business—self storage or otherwise—to make money. That is a well-known fact. In a perfect world the product or service that a business provides will be something that can help people or make their lives better, but that is not always the case. However, there are plenty of times when it can or the company finds another way to lend a helping hand when people need it most.

In a way the self storage industry is one that provides people with a product that can make their lives easier. When you find that you need more space you can easily find it at your local self storage facility. 

Many self storage facilities like to do more to help people and get involved with local charities. It is not unusual to find food and clothing drives going on at a self storage facility; many get involved with Toys for Tots every Christmas.

There are some, like Security Self Storage in Florida, that do what they can to help people at times when they need it most by helping a charity like Molly’s House.

“Besides renting storage units, helping others is what we love to do,” said Dina Tabora, the property manager.

Molly’s House is a hospital hospitality house; a place for families that have someone receiving medical treatment on the Treasure Coast. Since 1996 the House has been giving people a place to stay with a private bathroom as well as something to eat. 

If you have ever had a family member that has had to stay in a hospital for treatment than you know how valuable being able to stay close to them in a place like Molly’s House is. During the month of August Security Self Storage is holding a donation drive to help stock the house with essentials like food, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Security Self Storage is not alone in helping people during such important times. A-1 Self Storage in California has made a practice of giving back to many charities. Just last month they made a donation to the Grossmont Hospital Foundation Homes for Hospice Program.

“…Although it is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, the care, guidance and education provided through Homes for Hospice is invaluable to the families and patients. We are privileged to be able to support organizations such as Grossmont Hospital Foundation Homes for Hospice,” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage.

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