Self Storage Company Plans to be Around a Long Time

Posted on Aug 28 2012 - 9:18pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Expansion is one of the many ways by which a company can tell it is doing well. Business must be good to even consider making the investment that expansion requires. However, if the process is not undertaken properly it can mean disaster and potentially lead to bankruptcy.

The self storage industry has been rife with companies expanding in recent years since the self storage industry has become a very reliable investment. On almost any given day you can find a news story or two about a self storage facility being sold or one of the bigger companies purchasing a number of facilities.

Storage Post, a self storage company with its headquarters in Atlanta, has been open about its desire to expand across the United States. Rather than just buy up all the facilities that they have the funding for they are making sure they have the infrastructure in place in order to support them properly. Without it, any help that facilities far from the home office needs may not come in time to make a difference.

Recently the company opened a regional office in New Orleans in order to support the facilities the company has in the state of Louisiana and the southeast region.

“Storage Post is built on a foundation of well-branded stores and a core corporate group that has many years of collective storage experience, along with engaged employees in the field and office. This system allows us to effectively market our product and successfully spread a positive brand reputation,” commented Jack Chaney, Storage Post chief operating officer.

Like many self storage companies these days, Storage Post has been actively pursuing investment opportunities in order to grow the company’s brand. In late July the company announced that it has completed the renovations on an acquired facility in Jefferson, Louisiana.

The facility was essentially given a facelift; the buildings were repainted in order to make them more appealing, the landscape was improved, the doors on individual units were upgraded, and the facility’s security received a serious upgrade as well. The facility was basically made more appealing to the naked eye as well as more customer-friendly.

“Our buildings are our most effective marketing vehicles. We invest in our properties and consider them focal points of the community,” said Chaney. “The goal is to consistently showcase bright and updated facilities, paired with a friendly staff so that our customers have a positive storage experience.”

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