Self Storage Company Opens Unique Facility

Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 7:00pm by John Stevens

Whenever you enter an industry that is pretty well saturated with competition you have to do something in order to stand out. Many businesses will hold some kind of event to celebrate their grand opening. Others will do something to make their business different from the rest. One self storage company in the Chicago area has decided to do both.

LifeStorage, a self storage company in the Chicago area, has announced that its 18th self storage facility is now open (off Ohio Street; LifeStorage River North).

“We’re excited for so many reasons, by foremost is that we’re able to offer LifeStorage solutions to a new market area. This is our chance to show a new neighborhood and a new part of the city how LifeStorage handles not just self-storage, but also office solutions, and most importantly, customer service. We’re prepared to ‘wow’ you,” Michelle Wight, the company’s director of operations, said.

The facility is going to be unlike other self storage facilities in that it is one that you might actually find people hanging out at and socializing (without appearing creepy). The fireplace in the retail office definitely gives off a comforting and welcome vibe. Combine that with a Starbucks coffee bar on the premises and you have an environment that welcomes people to stop and stay for a while.

Of course while there ‘hanging out’ they will have plenty of time to check out the many amenities that the facility offers. If they don’t already have a self storage unit rented they may see enough over coffee to be encouraged to go ahead and rent one…

There is nothing like opening a new business to use as an excuse to host a carnival. Sometime in September the facility will host a carnival complete with food, beverages, music, and more. Most importantly, the facility will be open for any and all to take a look and learn as much as they would like about it and what self storage can do for them.

This LifeStorage facility will likely fall in line with the others in the LifeStorage family by becoming heavily involved in the community; something many self storage companies and facilities are known for. Many LifeStorage facilities have been known to hold garage sales on the premises giving tenants and people in the community a chance to organize en mass to better attract customers.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that it also serves as a great opportunity for people that are not tenants to see the facility and realize that they too could use a self storage unit!

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