Self Storage Company Makes the Most of a Bad Situation

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 5:25pm by John Stevens

In an ideal world guys would all look like Tim Tebow running through the rain with his shirt off and women would all look like Leryn Franco, Paraguay’s drop-dead gorgeous javelin thrower. Since we live in the real world though, we often have to take what we have and just make the most of the talents and opportunities that do come our way, both good and bad.

That is exactly what Big Key Self Storage had in mind earlier this month when it opened an old self storage unit and discovered that it was full of old medical records.

It is not unusual for tenants to leave things behind once they are done with a self storage unit. For example, one of the most common reasons people use a self storage unit is when they are between living arrangements and are forced to downsize their living space in the interim. Sometimes when they do find permanent lodging they no longer need some of the things they had in storage so they just leave them behind.

Recently personnel at Big Key Self Storage opened a 10’X25’ unit and found it stuffed to the rafters with old medical records and papers. There was no one to charge with retrieving the files so the company was put in a position where they had to shred everything—not exactly a cheap undertaking.

Rather than just except the financial loss incurred from renting a shredder and paying employees to dispose of the documents, the company turned it into an advertising opportunity and promotional event complete with music and refreshments. When all was said and done the unit was empty, all the medical documents were properly disposed of, and a number of their customers were much happier having been able to shred some of their sensitive materials!

Other self storage companies have learned how to turn the simple task of shredding paper into worthwhile promotional events as well. LifeStorage, a self storage company with facilities all over the Chicago area, held its Third Annual Earth Day Shredding in April.

“This is our third year promoting this event, and each year, the importance and benefits of Earth Day and document shredding seem to grow,” said LifeStorage Director of Operations Michelle Wight. “The discounted prices are great, but I think a lot of companies and individuals tend to overlook the risk involved with their confidential documents, and the benefits that shredding has, not only from a security standpoint, but also an environmental one.”

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