Self Storage Company Just Wants to Give People What They Want

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 10:20pm by Winnie Hsiu

Everyone absolutely loves something, be it a person, place, or thing. It’s only natural. There are some things that people in general tend to love. We like to have them, experience, them, live them; we might not want to always admit it, but it’s true. One self storage company—in its own special way– wants to do its part to give people some of those things.

Who among us does not enjoy a good game? They don’t have to be intricate and detailed; just qualify as a game. It could be something as simple as a guessing game. 

When playing said game who does not like to win a prize? Everyone does! Of course!

What about the element of surprise? Yes, knowing what you are getting into is typically a pretty smart thing, but every so often the intrigue that comes with not knowing can be fun. Is it something great? Is it more of a gag gift? The suspense and wonder can be exhilarating to say the least.

Self storage companies have been known to provide people with many of the aforementioned things in the form of a contest. It is not uncommon to see them run sweepstakes or something that ends with tenants or potential tenants winning a prize (and hopefully coming back to satisfy their need for additional space!).

In their latest contest Door to Door Storage gives people the chance to win a prize while participating in a contest that forces them to contemplate the unknown. The concept is a pretty simple one too. Folks just need to guess what’s in the box.

Guess correctly what is in the Door to Door storage container and you win.

“For the next six weeks we’re holding a contest so simple, so perfect, so fun, that we can’t believe it took us this long to think of it,” said Tracey Kelly, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Door to Door™. “You don’t need to be a customer to enter, but we look forward to the winner becoming one!”

Of course there is a prize. They could have gone with electronic—like Southern Self Storage did recently when they gave away an iPad. They also hold quarterly drawings for visa gift cards as well. Instead they are going to give away the most valuable thing that a self storage company can—space (free storage for a year).

Next time life feels like it is missing a little something special just clear out that old closet and take the stuff over to a self storage facility. You might be surprised at what you find!

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