Self Storage Company Helps Those Who Sometimes Have Trouble Helping Themselves

Most of us go through life facing whatever troubles happen to come up in our path without giving it much thought. Problems are problems; you deal with them and move on.  What if it wasn’t that easy though? What if the problems were something you could not just get over? For some reason they are going to be with you for your entire life?

That’s what it can be like for people with developmental delays like autism which makes the contributions people and businesses—self storage and otherwise—make in order to help people with developmental delays.

For example, a self storage company in the United Kingdom—Big Yellow Self Storage—recently stepped up to help the Clifton Open Group, a non-for-profit organization that aids kids with autism and other types of developmental delays.

Normally the group meets at the Green Lane Community Centre in Clifton, but since the building is being refurbished the group is in danger of being forced to find a new home.

It is not yet clear if the group will be able to continue to use the space it has been at the center while work is going on. Not only will the work that is in progress halt, but it will be a lot tougher to recruit new members to the group.

“We do a lot of activities that help the young people in every-day life. They learn team-building and life skills, from cooking to camping,” said the leader of the group, Barbara Green.

“It’s hugely important to get them out of their comfort zones and learning things they wouldn’t necessarily learn in school. A lot of them are very quiet when they start but we see them grow in confidence…”

With the near future still in question the Big Yellow Self Storage facility in Lenton offered some immediate relief by offering to store the camping equipment for the Group—something that did need a new home sooner rather than later.

“We hope this will help the group focus their time on other things, so they can carry on their work with children. We always like to help charities and community groups as best we can,” said Tom Hayward, the facility manager.

Big Yellow Self Storage is one of the largest self storage chains in the UK, and has a history of giving back to the community.


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