Self Storage Company Helps “Round Up” Donations for Cancer Research

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 9:15pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Sometimes problems can be so tough to overcome and so large that the idea of overcoming them can be viewed as nearly impossible. As a result, many people will not even bother to try thinking that their best efforts are barely going to make a difference. What they fail to realize is that is the one way to insure that the problem/issue at hand ends up unresolved in the end.

Battling cancer is definitely one such problem. Patients, doctors, and researchers have been battling the disease and working to try and find a cure. As daunting as the task is they all need help in order to follow through with their part of the fight. 

The self storage industry has long been a supporter of cancer research, specifically that of lesser known and subsequently underfunded types of cancer. That’s why industry pro Barry Hoeven started Kure It, a non-for-profit that raises money for cancer research, following his diagnosis and battle with kidney cancer.

“I came to find that my cancer was very rare and research for its cure or treatment was even rarer. So, I decided to do something about that and formed Kure It. Our objective is to find and fund the best cutting edge research programs for rare and underfunded cancers…” said Hoeven.

Many self storage companies have done what they could in order to help raise funds for Kure It, Recently U.S. Storage Centers announced how successful their ‘Round Up’ program was in 2012. Simply by getting tenants to round their monthly bill up to the nearest dollar they were able to raise almost $52,000! That wasn’t all though.

“US Storage Centers matches 100% of its customers’ donations through ‘Round Up For Research’ ” said VP Marketing Jason Lopez. “…Therefore, we will be donating an additional $51,772 which will total $103,544 going to cancer research.”

This was the culmination of the collective effort of all 60 of U.S. Storage Centers facilities spread over ten states. Many individual facilities have participated in the fight against cancer donating to Kure It. Many of them have through the non-for-profit organization called Charity Storage.

Charity Storage works with interested self storage facilities to raise money for Kure It as well as other charities. Donations are collected by the participating facility and placed in a unit that will then be sold at an up-coming auction. Hundreds of facilities participated in auctions in 2012 and with revenue from sales often around a few hundred dollars a unit at times the program was still able to raise around $200,000 in revenue!

Now with billions going to cancer research every year a couple hundred can appear to be inconsequential. However, a couple hundred thousand (and eventually much, much more) has to be raised before billions ever can be spent.

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