Self Storage Company is All for Having a Good Time

Posted on Jun 4 2014 - 11:59pm by John Stevens

Way back in the 80s the rock band Poison made it cool to want nothing but a good time (as if it wasn’t always that way, right?). The band certainly lived up to the ideal during its run as one of the most popular bands of the day. In business—self storage and otherwise—it would be nice to just have a good time, but then you wouldn’t get much work done.

So—what if you could find a way to do both?

All-Canadian Self Storage has a handful of facilities in and around the Toronto, Ontario. Through the years the company has done what it could to promote having a good time while also getting the job done. They did so most recently by hosting a barbecue fundraiser to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Canada (MSF).

Who doesn’t enjoy a good barbecue, right? When you can enjoy some grilled hotdogs and hamburgers along with a few cold beers (or sodas) and help out a great cause at the same time it simply doesn’t get any better!

“We want to be a part of the community and be a good neighbour,” said Hal Spradling, owner of All Canadian Self-Storage. “Our policy is the door is always open for any charity event.”

Children under six were free otherwise people were asked to donate $25 to eat their fill. For those that wanted to donate a little more—like $50 or more—were invited to enjoy the barbecue VIP style complete with tenderloin, leg of lamb, martinis, and cigars.

Sound like fun? Well, to make it a little bit better the company decided to cover all the costs so that way people could walk away with the knowledge that 100 percent of their donation was going to the charity.

So—you have a night of good food, good drink, good cigars, and a good amount of help ffor a worthy charity. Yes, it is safe to say a good time was had by all!

The company is planning to host other events for charities during the year specifically to benefit the Willow Breast Cancer Society, the Toronto Wildlife Centre and Camp Bucko (a cap for children with burn injuries). 

Doing such things is nothing new for All-Canadian Self Storage. Back in 2012 the company held an event to benefit the Rob Ford (yes, that Rob Ford) Football Foundation. Held at the Cherry Street Restaurant, the event featured a night of good food and drink along with a silent auction. All proceeds went to Ford’s foundation and benefitted youth sports groups across the city.


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