Self Storage Company Gives Reason for Songs to be Sang

Posted on Apr 29 2011 - 1:09pm by Holly Robinson

Everywhere you look on television these days there are people singing. There’s American Idol on FOX, every VHI reality star thinks they need to make a record, The Voice, another singing competition recently started, and America’s Got Talent is going to start soon as well.

While these folks are singing to their hearts content in order to make a better life for them and their family, there are other groups of singers and performers that don’t do it for the money, but need the money in order to do do that they need money.

Access Self Storage has partnered up with the Church over the last few years to help them raise the finds they need so that as many students as possible would be able to make the trip.

Over the last few years, the good people at Access Self Storage have helped organize and hold what has become known as the World’s Largest Garage Sale (or at least in Dallas).

“There is no better way to raise money than to collect the old, the out-of-date, and the antique junk from one friend and sell it to another,” states Doug Hunt from Access Self Storage.

Throughout the year students volunteer their time to sort through all the donations that come in to the storage facility location in East Dallas so that things can be displayed and accessible when it comes time for the sale (typically held sometime from late March to late April).

“Our Chapel high school students have done an outstanding job, from greeting customers to sorting clothes and moving furniture,” Student Orchestra Director Jarrod Blackstock said.

Due to the reputation of the event as the largest garage sale in Dallas (if not the world), it often gets thousands of prospective customers every year in attendance.

Without the garage sale, many of the students that go on the annual summer concert tour would be unable to do so. The 2011 edition of the sale took in approximately $20,000, all of which will go towards student expenses for the concert tour.

Previous editions of the garage sale have done even better. In one year, over $36,000 was raised in one weekend of the sale.

“We had a very nice dining room set—table, chairs, China cabinet—that we sold for $1,100 on Saturday,” Blackstock bragged.

Assisting in the garage sale is a great move by Access Self Storage. With all the people involved in helping organize the sale throughout the year and then the number that visit the sale exposes their company name in a positive way to thousands of potential customers.

And all just by helping a choir sing, too.

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