Self Storage Company Gets Back to Charitable Ways

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 10:28pm by Tony Gonzalez

Sometimes you just need to take a break. Sometimes it helps to just walk away, do something else, or just do nothing and take the time to recharge your proverbial batteries. You don’t necessarily have to be going through bad times. Even when things are going well it doesn’t hurt to take a step back so when you return refreshed and ready to do even better—like the Lawai Cannery Self Storage has.

Like many self storage facilities, the Lawai Cannery Self Storage has a history of working within non-for-profit organizations. In the past the facility has been host to a number of garage/yard sales with the intent of engaging the community by inviting them to be part of the sale as well as encourage them to give back to whatever cause is being supported that day.

Last Sunday the facility hosted  garage sale for the first time in a few months; a layoff that is unusual for the facility.

“The last one we did was in September,” said Lorna Santos of the Lawai Cannery Self Storage and Warehouse. “But there have been a lot of people calling and asking for it so we held this one to benefit the Easter Seals of Hawaii, Kauai Branch.”

The way the facility raises money for whatever charity is being sponsored that day is by charging people that want to be a part of the garage sale—tenants and people from the community alike—a rental fee for ‘booth’ space. The total collected is donated to the cause of the day. 

Vendors can add to the donation if they so choose, but are not required to do so.

“Everything we make is split between the three Kauai centers, Waimea, Lihue and Kapaa, for the participants’ activities,” Liz Ann Vidinha of the Easter Seals said. “This includes the special programs participants want during the Summer Bash, a year-end holiday lunch, and an annual dinner for their families. Having this annual fundraiser means it’s that much less families need to spend.”                  

The garage sales at the Lawai Cannery Self Storage facility are pretty popular—among garage sale patrons and vendors.

“We’re getting busier with rentals,” facility manager Lorna Santos said. “That means less space available for vendors. We really appreciate the community’s response to the garage sale, and all we can say is to keep watching for the next one. We don’t know when it’ll be, but we’ll let them know.” 

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