Self Storage Company Finds Unique Way to Make a Difference

Posted on Oct 16 2013 - 12:10am by Tony Gonzalez

In the world that we live in there are certain things that we can count on: the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to lose, politicians are going to disagree, and gas prices are going to be ridiculously high to name a few. We can also count on people being in need, and people wanting to do something to help them out.

Many members of the self storage industry are well known for their philanthropic endeavors. From food and coat drives to cash donations to space and in some cases time the self storage industry as a whole works tirelessly to help those in need in their own communities as well as on a state, national, and sometimes international level.

A-1 Self Storage, a company with many facilities in the Southern California area, has a long history of getting involved in different charitable causes. One of their more recent endeavors was to help another organization help other people give back.

The company made a monetary donation to the Ignation Volunteer Corps in San Diego. It is a group that works to help individuals over the age of 50 find places where they can volunteer and give back themselves.

It’s a charity that helps people help other charities.

“Supporting IVC is a Win-Win Situation.” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage. “Matching a volunteer with experience, time and talent to an organization in need of their services, helps not only the volunteer feel successful and accomplished, but also the organization in need of their services. We are very proud to support them in their efforts.” 

Helping others and giving back is just another part of doing business for A-1 Self Storage.  The company has a long history of giving to many local, state, national, and international causes. 

For example, in August the company made a donation to Advancing Students Forward, an organization formerly known as The Augstinian Scholarship Fund. Its purpose is to help provide disadvantaged students access to an education and the support needed to excel. 

“Augustinian Scholars Funding is critical to students who need financial assistance in order to continue their education. A-1 Self Storage is proud to provide scholarship funding for students who without support will not continue their education past the sixth grade.” said Caster. “It is our pleasure to partner with organizations like Advancing Students Forward who help break the cycle of poverty through education.” 

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