Self Storage Company Finds another Way to Fight the Good Fight

Posted on Jun 29 2012 - 8:34pm by Tony Gonzalez

Many problems that society faces are considered so large in scale that many individuals don’t feel the urgency to act. They believe that their miniscule contribution will not make a difference so they need not bother to put forth the effort. What they fail to realize that in refusing to fight the good fight at all they just make sure that failure is eminent.

Situations such as this are definitely the case when it comes to getting involved in charitable endeavors. Many companies with the self storage industry give back to their communities by donating time, money, and space to several charities. Some try to optimize their efforts by choosing one charity and having all their charitable activity go to benefit that agency.

Such is the case with Compass Self Storage, a company with facilities in Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. For some time they have focused their efforts on aiding the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Recently they decided to align with another organization when they realized it could help them raise even more money for the LLS.

The good people at Compass Self Storage have decided to team up with a relatively new organization, Charity Storage, in hopes of raising $8000 for LLS.

“We have been aligned with the LLS for many years and have set forth to continue our relationship at the highest levels the company has ever seen,” says Sean Bentley, a District Manager for Compass Self Storage. “Our alignment with Charity Storage has only solidified our meeting the goals.”

The way Charity Storage works is that interested facilities donate a self storage unit. Tenants and people in the community can donate items to go into the unit (and receive a tax deduction). At the next auction the facility holds the unit is sold along with those of delinquent tenants.

When that unit is sold the funds will go to charity. The Self Storage Association Foundation gets 10 percent, Kure It Cancer Research 30 percent, and a charity of the host self storage company’s choosing gets 60 percent.

“One way or another all of our lives have been touched by someone who has cancer,” said Gus Maragliano, a Senior District Manager for Compass Self Storage. “My biggest gratification comes in knowing that every time we hold a Charity Storage auction we are helping somebody fight it out.”

Through eight auctions Compass Self Storage has raised over $1,200.


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