Self Storage Company Finding Out it Pays to Go Solar in More Ways Than One

It is not cheap for a self storage company to convert to a solar powered facility. Between the equipment and installation just getting them in cost a pretty penny. However, thanks to a little help from various government entities the sting is not nearly as bad as it could be. Factor in the benefits—all the benefits—and you can almost call them a bargain.

When people here about a company getting solar panels installed their first thought is usually something about them going green and doing something good for the environment—but it is so much more than that.

Take the self storage companies under the management of Brundage Management Co. in San Antonio, Texas. They have had solar panels installed in 11 A-AAAKey Mini Storage facilities last year with the obvious benefit of saving money in mind.

“These solar energy systems will allow us to control our electricity costs for years to come while electricity rates rise over time,” Tom Brundage, president of Brundage Management, says.

Save money they did. They expected the panels to cover 55 percent of their electricity needs and save them about $93,000 a year. 

That is not the only benefit though. Showing that they have concern for the environment looks great in the community essentially acting as an advertisement for the company. In this case the free advertising was taken a step further when the company was recognized for its solar efforts.

At a special reception on Friday Brundage Management Co. was awarded the Bill Sinkin Solar Award for its work in using and promoting solar energy in San Antonio.

Is there a better way to promote a company than to be recognized for excellence in something and given an award? Probably not.

So by converting to solar energy the company is saving money in electricity, benefitting from the publicity doing so brings, and being rewarded for it (and enjoying that publicity). Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

If Brundage has his way it is going to get even better in the days to come. He intends on expanding the company’s use of solar energy to as much as 1.25 million kilowatt hours a year. It will in turn equate to 75 percent of the company’s electrical output and an annual savings of $125,000.


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