Self Storage Companies Recognize and Support Those Making a Difference

Fighting the good fight is tough. We all know someone needs to do it. If they don’t there is no telling what society is going to turn in to. However, at the same time we don’t always like to be the one that does the work needed to fight the good fight. So when there are those who are willing to do it they deserve to be recognized and assisted.

That is something that members of the self storage industry are more than happy to do.

For example, StorageMart has an established relationship with the Heart of Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross. In the past the company has assisted their efforts by sponsoring the Honor Flight that brought war veterans to Washington D.C. to allow them to visit the war memorials. The company has also assisted in their disaster relief efforts as well as donate money through Charity Storage.

StorageMart expanded that relationship last year when it started sponsoring the annual Lifesaver Awards. Recently the company was able to help honor a recent local high school graduate—Kara Wehemeyer—with a Blood Service Award for her tireless work in blood donation and collection.

Ever since she gave blood herself for the first time in April 2012 she became a force in helping the Red Cross maintain its blood supply. By the end of the school year she had helped in the collection of 112 units of blood. She continued her efforts once the school year was done bring her total up to 249 units.

With each unit capable of helping three people the potential impact of her work could affect over 700 people!

Those that fight the good fight will never ask to be recognized even though they deserve it. That just goes to show what kind of people they are. They do, however deserve to be supported so that they can continue fighting the good fight.

For example, recently Westy Self Storage in White Plains, New York, stepped up to help their local Salvation Army chapter by donating something every charity needs more of—space.

“We are pleased to assist the Salvation Army,” said Tim Mincin, district director of Westy Self Storage, White Plains. “They do so much for those in need and it is our privilege to lend a hand and support such a commendable organization.”


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