Self Storage Companies Just Want to Help

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 9:07pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Businesses are in their line of work for one reason—to make money. In the process some provide us with things we want like a big screen television. Others provide us with things we like such as our favorite beer, and there are others like the self storage industry that provide us with something that we need—that can help us.

People hate to be crowded. They hate to have that feeling that their home or office is cramped because there is simply too much stuff for the space to hold. Being able to run a business from home or from a smaller office can keep someone employed.  

There are so many reasons that people have for needing a self storage unit. What the unit does for the person(s) is essentially the same—it helps them make life a little better.

Most self storage companies like to help in ways other than providing necessary pace. Lots of them like to get involved in their respective communities and lend a helping hand.

Take Storage West Self Storage in Redlands, Arizona, for example. The owners, Brina and Mike Limon, wanted to help their home town celebrate its 125th anniversary so they donated $1000 to the city’s anniversary fund.

“We knew Redlands was the city we wanted to live in when we were shopping and in every aisle we were being asked if we needed help with anything,” said Mike.

“We feel very welcome in the city of Redlands, and we want to give back to the community,” said Brina.

The city honored their donation by presenting the Limon’s with a commemorative plaque thanking them for their donation.

The desire to help is not just prevalent in self storage facilities in the United States. It is a common practice in many of them abroad as well.

Safestore, one of the larger self storage providers in the UK, has been known to lend a helping hand with local charities from time to time. The facility in Rutherglen, Scotland, recently held a week long donation drive to try and benefit Capability Scotland, a charity for disabled children and adults in Scotland.

The facility asked people to donate items such as books, toys, and household items which will in turn be resold in shops run by Capability Scotland. 

“We were delighted to team up with Capability Scotland for this exciting week-long challenge,” said Marc Zaccaria, the facility manager.

When the week was done Safestore had 27 bags of things to donate valued at around £540 (or $770).

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