Self Storage Companies Join Forces to Form New Management Company

Posted on Mar 13 2014 - 11:19pm by Winnie Hsiu

At just about every stage of the education system there is one thing that every teacher wants to encourage and have students engage in—teamwork. Not on every individual assignment of course (since that would be cheating), but on certain group based tasks. The idea was to combine the separate expertise of individuals in hopes of completing a better final product.

Little did we know that the same concept would be something we could apply to business dealings like those in the self storage industry.

The idea is simple. By combining forces with another company it becomes easier to do so many things. Rather than be the sole decider for important matters they can be discussed. Chances are that among the decision makers involved there will be someone with a wealth of knowledge in regards to whatever the ‘issue’ of the day is making it easier to solve.

Having a partner also makes it easier to expand since you have the combined resources of all alliance members to draw from. US Storage Centers and Iron Gate Storage understand this and partnered to create Westport NW Management, LLC.

“I’m excited about this new partnership and the professionalism and experience that US Storage Centers adds to this venture,” said Glen Aronson, President and CEO of Iron Gate Properties. “In addition to our newest property in development, we have an acquisition pipeline filled for 2014 and 2015.”

The workload between the two partners is going to be handled accordingly—the good people with Iron Gate Properties are going to be working on identifying new facilities for acquisition while U.S. Storage Centers will be in charge of managing the facilities.  

“Combining the success, experience and resources of US Storage Centers with one of the best regional operators in the Northwest will produce exciting results,” said Charles Byerly, President and CEO at US Storage Centers. “….Our goals for the future of self-storage in the Pacific Northwest were in alignment from the beginning, and the strengths of both companies complement each other in a way that will advance our vision.”

Teaming up to manage and buy facilities is not the only way self storage companies get to engage in teamwork. Sometimes they do it in order to complement a facility and the service that it already provides. For example, in November 2012 Extra Space Storage announced a partnership with Budget Truck Rental.

“Extra Space Storage is excited to partner with a leader in the transportation industry,” said James Overturf, chief marketing officer of Extra Space Storage. “Our customers are typically facing a stressful life transition and by providing a consolidated solution, we hope to make the entire process easier.”

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