Self Storage Companies Give the Gift of Reading

Posted on Jan 25 2012 - 6:59pm by Kim Kilpatrick

One would be hard pressed to find a person on the planet that knew how to read and did not have an appreciation for the value that the simple act brings to life. Confucius once said that, “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”  

The value of reading is unmistakable. It would be close to impossible for someone to function well in modern society without being able to read. Like many things, it is a skill that takes practice. That can be hard to do if you don’t have anything to read, a problem that is all too common in some of the developing countries around the world.

A number of self storage facilities in the United States have worked to help spread the joy of reading in their local communities. There have been some that have also worked to do the same on an international level.

Chester Heights Self Storage in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, has been storing roughly 5,000 books that a charity called the Compassion Corps is planning on boxing up on February 4, and shipping them to Monrovia, Liberia. Organizers Janine Bean and Beth McMIllen are hoping to get upwards of 50 volunteers to help with the packing that day.

Many of the books are considered to be high school level and higher, but there are many that are appropriate for young children as well. They will then be distributed to a number of schools that Compassion Corps has relationships with there. Chester Heights Self Storage is donating space for the container which the books are going to make the journey overseas in.

Janine Bean from Compassion Corp is hoping to be able to get more classroom sets donated.

“Local businesses are also getting involved,” said Mrs. Bean. “Bryn Mawr Trust Bank has donated parking lot space for volunteers, Chester Heights Store has offered space for the container and space for the work crews and Chester Heights Borough has even waived the cost of a permit for the storage container.”

Many similar efforts take place around the United States all the time. Accordig to reports published in September 2011, Stack and Store Mini Storage helped open up a new reading room at Southhampton Middle School in Bel Air, Maryland, as part of the Carson Scholar’s Fund and the Ben Carson Reading Project.

“It’s wonderful to see this sanctuary in the midst of this bustling school. The Reading Room’s success is a guarantee,” said Judy Fida, the school’s reading room coordinator. “I hope the students think big and get inspired and motivated to read. I hope they find themselves lost in books.” 

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