Self Storage Companies Continue to Get Leg Up Thanks to Vertical Consultants

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 10:13pm by John Stevens

Folks go into business to make money; not just a little or some, but as much as humanly possible without breaking the law. Not everything works, but many things do. What can be frustrating to businesses—self storage and otherwise—is when they find out they could have been making more all along.

When it comes to the self storage industry instead of ‘could have’ it should be ‘should have.’ With the help of a company called Vertical Consultants many self storage facilities have discovered that the telecom companies they lease space to have been grossly under paying them.

With hundreds of millions of cellphone users in the United States it has become increasingly important for telecom companies to increase the areas that they are able to cover. For that they need to have the right equipment set up. 

Of course they need a place to set up that equipment. Self storage facilities have long been a good fit for telecom companies.

“…Commercial property owners leasing their land for cell tower placement are realizing, with the help of Vertical Consultants, significant increases in the cell tower rent they receive and in their overall cell tower lease value. There are property owners across the country who are not receiving fair value for the use of their land, and it is our job to change that,” said Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants.

Founded in 2010, the company was started by a bunch of wireless industry veterans. If anyone would know the tricks that the industry would use to put one over on clients it would be people like them. In the short time that they have been in business they have helped hundreds of self storage companies collect.

According to their estimates they have helped over 1200 self storage facilities increase rent by an average of 142 percent and recovered over 200 years of unpaid rent and expenses.

The company recently welcomed another self storage company to its growing list of clients, Banning Storage in Banning, California.

“We are excited to have yet another self-storage company added to our client list. We take pride in providing self-storage owners and operators across North America information that will lead to their monetary gain and better terms within their cell tower leases. Vertical Consultants strives to provide all property owners with beneficial advice, expertise and above all, results, and we are have been successful in doing so.”

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