Self Storage Can Come Up Big Even When it’s Mini

Posted on Jan 29 2014 - 11:23pm by Tony Gonzalez

Just about everything comes in all shapes and sizes. It used to be that mobile phones nearly required a purse all their own; not they fit so well in our pockets we forget we have them sometimes. Yet the small ones that we have today can do so much more than the behemoths that were common when they first came out. 

That’s not to say there isn’t value in size of course. In many cases there is—like in the self storage industry.

Most self storage facilities will have units ranging in size from a common closet to a two-car garage. Some facilities will be tens of thousands of square feet in size; others not so much. Whether the unit or the facility is big or small there is definitely value.

Take Manhattan Mini-Storage as an example. While it may have ‘mini’ in the name there is nothing mini about the impact that it has on people or the community.

Manhattan Mini-Storage recently concluded its Extreme Apartment Makeover Sweepstakes. A 21-year old actor/student named Ben Raffali was awarded a free personal closet to help reduce the clutter—but that was not all! He and his two roommates will also have someone come in once a month for the next year to clean the apartment and help keep it from getting cluttered once again!

With three people in their early 20s, it does get a little bit messy, especially between two boys. We drive our other roommate a little crazy. Also, we have a lot of furniture that the previous tenants had left that we don’t necessarily want, so combined with all the stuff I have, this will really help us clear up some space in there. I’m very, very excited to have won this!” 

So while Ben did not win a lot of space the impact that the prize will likely have on him and his roommates will be substantial. While the impact on individuals can be big, the impact that Manhattan Mini-Storage has on the community at times is even bigger. 

In light of the recent storms that have hit much of the country–including the New York area where the company is based—Manhattan Mini-Storage is working with New York Cares to collect winter coats for those in need.

“We recognize that there’s a crisis here, right in our own backyard,” said Stacy Stuart, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Human Resources at Edison Properties. “And we know that if you ask New Yorkers to pitch in and help out their fellow citizens, they will. So we’re doing what we can to raise awareness and get these coats out to the people who need them as soon as possible.”

In a way you could say that the impact is still on an individual level (each person that gets a much needed coat), but since it is a community wide effort the impact is even greater (and certainly not mini).

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