Self Storage Can Be Good For Your Health in More Ways Than One

Exercise, eat right, brush your teeth, get regular checkups, and rent a self storage space— not exactly things that you would expect to see together, but each member of the list is related to a central idea. It may sound hard to believe, but they all have something to do with improving your health.

It is pretty easy to see how most of them relate to the central theme with the obvious exception of self storage. How can an industry that provides people with much needed space have anything to do with getting in shape?

Actually, the self storage industry can have a lot to do with your health.

Just the act of renting a self storage unit can improve your health. Clutter and a lack of space can cause stress and tension. Too much prolonged stress can result in health issues. It can cause headaches, insomnia, body aches, and so much more. Coming home to a mess can be depressing and be a drain on the positive energy in a home. 

However, should that clutter be reduced or disappear then the cause of stress goes away and well-being can improve.

Stress reduction is not the only way self storage can benefit a person’s health. It is not uncommon to see self storage facilities host or sponsor health fairs. For example, towards the end of April LifeStorage of Addison (Illinois) hosted what they called the ‘Spring into Life’ Fair. Along with acting as a yard sale for interested tenants and people in the community people could donate blood and receive free wellness screenings.

The self storage industry can help on a more personal level too like in the case of Ed Burrows, the manager of the Stor-All Storage in Stuart, Florida. Burrows, as part of the company’s drive to promote goodness in the communities where they have a self storage facility, recently started running charity 5K events. 

“I wanted to stay healthy so I started running every day.  I posted my times on Facebook for about a year and all my friends said I should run in a 5K…

“…Being with Stor-All for the past 4 years makes me proud to be a part of a goodness-drive family business.” 

So far he has completed three, the Torrey Pines 5K for Molecular Studies, Brianna Cooper 5K for Heavenly Smiles Foundation, and Autism Awareness 5K for FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.

So next time you hit the gym, are looking to donate blood, or trip over something at home keep in mind that the help you need to get in shape could be only a self storage unit away!

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