Self Storage Can be a Life Saver

Posted on Feb 25 2011 - 3:29pm by Winnie Hsiu

On a figurative level there is probably not a person alive that does not think that having a little more space would be a life saver. Having your house or apartment crammed with too much stuff can make life seem not as pleasant as it could be. No one likes feeling like their crammed into a box constantly tripping over stuff, right?

While that may feel like saving your life on a figurative level there is a self storage facility that has gotten involved in saving lives on a literal level.

Big Yellow Self Storage in the UK is sponsoring a team of riders in an up-coming charity event to raise money for First Touch, an organization that helps fund the equipment and staff needs for a local hospital’s neonatal care unit.

The event is called “Cycle 2 Save Lives” and is the brainchild of a local man, Warwick Sleigh. When his daughter, Scarlett, was born she was eight weeks premature. Little Scarlett was really little—she weighed in at just two pounds and one ounce.

Being born so early her weight was just one of the many complications that Scarlett had to overcome. The care that she received at the hands of the neonatal unit at St. George’s Hospital was instrumental in overcoming those problems.

“She was cared for by the excellent staff at the St George’s neonatal unit in Tooting,” Sleigh said.

Through the Cycle 2 Save Lives he is hoping to repay that kindness and pay it forward by helping raise funds so that the hospital can continue to do the good work they do.

“As a thanks for all the help and support of the staff at the hospital we have put together a team of cyclists to complete a 60-mile bicycle ride from St George’s Hospital to Eastbourne District General Hospital to raise funds.”

The 60 mile ride is scheduled to take place on May 7, 2011; the team hopes to raise 15,000 pounds for the hospital’s charity.

Big Yellow Self Storage is no stranger to helping out in charity events like this.

Last summer a team of close to 40 riders made up of staff and employees of the company took part in the London to Brighton Cycle Ride to help raise money for Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation. Cancer Research UK is actually the recognized charity of Big Yellow Self Storage; the company engages in a number of different activities year round in order to raise money for the organization.

Along with the work they do to aid efforts in cancer research the people at Big Yellow Self Storage are supporters of the RSPCA, Royal Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals.

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