Self Storage Appeals to Some of Man’s Basic Needs

Posted on Dec 29 2011 - 8:22pm by Tony Gonzalez

There are certain things that most people absolutely adore and could not do without like mom’s homemade apple pie, an ice cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea on a hot summer day, our stuff, and most importantly—our sports teams. While this self storage company is not trying to replace mom’s apple pie they are trying to satisfying two of the other needs.

Being a self storage company, what one of those needs is pretty self-explanatory. In this day and age, people are finding they have to downsize their living arrangements for any number of reasons. When that happens people have to do one of two things: sell/give away what will not fit in the new home or find somewhere else to keep.

That is where the self storage industry comes in handy. With close to 50,000 self storage facilities spread across the United States and another 2,800 in Canada it is not hard to find one if you happen to have a need for more space.

One self storage facility in Toronto, Ontario, is trying to do its part to satisfy one of the other needs, a love of sports. StorageMart is trying to appeal to the sports fan in all of us by offering a pair of tickets to a hockey game as part of a promotional giveaway. Interested fans can enter on the company’s Facebook page to win a pair of seats to the February 6 game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers.

“Local youth and adult sports leagues often use our storage space in the off-season. The Canadian Football League’s Argonauts rent self-storage here and our customers are sports fans – Canadians are sports fans! Basically we look for any excuse to give something away that we know our customers will enjoy,” Sarah Little, Interactive Marketing Director at StorageMart , stated.

This of course is a great way to get the company a tremendous amount of exposure. What sports fan does not want to go to a live event? Better yet—what sports fan does not want to go to a live event for free? That desire is what many self storage facilities are banking on when they hold giveaways like this.

The good folks at StorageMart are not alone in utilizing this kind of promotion. Mini U Storage, a self storage company with facilities in nine states across the country, has partnered up with a number of different professional sports teams so that they can offer new customers up to four tickets when they rent a unit.

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