Self Storage and Charity Have a Lot in Common

Posted on May 3 2012 - 9:05pm by John Stevens

There are a lot of things that people like to think relate to each other. Milk and chocolate chip cookies; peanut butter and jelly; baseball and summer. People are often able to find relationships in just about everything if they want to. Sometimes it can be hard to do; other times it’s easy. 

Take the self storage industry and charity as an example. On the face the two don’t really seem to have a whole lot in common. One is a business that involves renting space to people so they can store their belongings. The other covers a wide range of activities that all relate to helping others. 

So what’s the connection? What do they have in common? It’s actually pretty simple—every little bit counts.

The majority of self storage facilities offer a wide variety of sizes from your typical 5’ X 5’ space that is like your average closet. Some offer small enough spaces to store as little as four cases of wine. Sometimes people just need a little space to clear up the clutter at home; your local self storage facility can offer that.

When it comes to charity any person that has ever worked at a food pantry or soup kitchen or shopped at Goodwill can tell you that even the smallest donations can mean something. Lots of small donations eventually add up to something big.

Amazing Spaces, a self storage company based in the Houston, Texas, area, recently opened up another facility (the fourth for the company since it opened in 1998) near the Houston Medical Center. They celebrated the grand opening of it on April 20th with a party and a donation to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Over 100 guest enjoyed refreshments and the chance to win some fun door prizes.

Over the first 30 days the facility was open the company pledged to donate 10 percent of its gross sales to the hospital. The total donation ended up being $1,660.

“It just made perfect sense to partner again with the Shriners Hospital, because the charity has been a part of our philanthropy project for the last four years,” said Kathy Tautenhahn VP, of Amazing Spaces. “Many of our team members recently went on a tour of the hospital to see how our donation would be used…The tour was very inspiring to all team members.” 

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