Self Storage and Charity Go Hand-in-Hand in the U.S. and Abroad

Posted on Dec 7 2012 - 9:51pm by Winnie Hsiu

Christmas time tends to bring out the best and worst in a lot of people. If you have ever been present when the hottest toy is being cleared off the shelves by parents you’ve seen the worst (remember the Cabbage Patch kids from the 80s?). Luckily, the best is a more common trait and is evident with the way people give to charity at this time of the year.

Members of the self storage industry are often heavily involved in a variety of charity events year round as well as Christmas time. One of the most common ways is in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and their Toys for Tots campaign. Recently, Westy Self Storage announced that the company’s Norwalk facility (in Connecticut) has been designated as a drop off location for the popular toy drive.

The act of giving is one that many self storage companies in the U.S. are known for, but it is not one that is special to just the U.S. self storage industry. Members of the UK self storage industry are just as involved.

Big Yellow Self Storage is one of the biggest self storage companies in the UK, and they make a regular habit of getting involved in several charity events. Recently the Nottingham facility announced their support for Operation Orphan’s ‘Keep a Child Warm’ project.  The purpose of it was to help collect things that people needed to keep warm like coats, scarves, gloves, hats, socks, and a good blanket. These would be made into kits and handed out to those in need.

Self storage companies in other countries are just as involved. Take the growing industry in South Africa as an example. Stor-Age, the largest self storage company in South Africa, is involved in helping bring holiday cheer to those in need through collaboration with Round Table (an organization for men between the ages of 18 and 40).  

The two are involved in the Create Happiness campaign which is an effort to collect toys, food, clothes, and anything else that the under privileged may need. They recently got a helping hand from the Western Province Rugby Team, winners of the Currie Cup. Team captain Deon Fourie donated balls and posters commemorating the win and signed by the team to be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The U.S. and UK are two of the biggest markets for the self storage industry, but there is a need for spacs—and hence self storage—worldwide. As more and more countries get introduced to it the industry will continue to grow as will its charitable reach.

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