Self Storage Aggregator Wants to Appeal to a Wider Audience

Posted on Jul 27 2012 - 10:06pm by Holly Robinson

To succeed in business you need a product that is appealing to not just a core group of people, but one that a broad cross-section of the populace could be drawn to. While a core group ensures a base level of business, the wider a business’s demographic the better its chances will be to become profitable.

The self storage industry is lucky. It’s product—space—is a universal need. There is not a person of any race, ethnicity, or gender that could not use or at least appreciate having more space. However, people of certain cultural backgrounds may have trouble finding a self storage facility.

English is the official language of the United States, but being the melting pot of the world there are millions of people in the country that speak other languages. If they do know English it is there second language. Spanish is easily the second most commonly spoken language; there are many that only know Spanish. 

Over the last few years a number of self storage facility aggregator sites have popped up on the World Wide Web to help people find a self storage facility anywhere in the country. Some are local-based; others are national in scope like

For most people within the United States accessing is not a problem. For those that only speak Spanish it is though.  That is why created a Spanish version of its mobile site.

“This is a first for a partner [which is] , which isn’t surprising as the team is constantly pushing this industry’s technology forward,” said Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations for “This will be a huge boost for the self-storage facilities participating in the Self Storage Network and provide those facilities with a real competitive advantage.”

What will happen is when a user tries to access the site via a mobile device, the site will recognize if Spanish is the default language of the device. Otherwise users can choose ‘Español’ from a drop down menu that will appear. 

While the move is a unique one, is not the only self storage industry site with a Spanish version of its mobile site. Storage Post, a self storage company with facilities along the East Coast, launched a Spanish version of its mobile site.

“…Our hope is to attract and serve a broader audience who require self storage. We want to ensure that Storage Post products and services are being communicated to a range of potential customers,” said Susie O’Connell, vice president of communications at Storage Post. 

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